• Our project is supported by Sabancı University.
  • Our project is granted TUBITAK 1512 BIGG fund in 2017.
  • The application has been tested on many number of people with success.
  • The application is based on many years of Research on Brain Machine Interfaces, neurofeedback and multi sensory learning experiences.
  • The application backend is developed using MEAN stack (Mongo DB, Express, Angular JS, Node).
  • The application frontend is developed with Java on Android 6.0.1.
  • The application components
    • Android (Java) Mobile phone application
    • which connects with eMotiv EPOC+ (14 channels) on bluetooth
    • enhances learning abilities upon 20-40 sessions of usage
    • first mobile application in the world which requires no prior knowledge about neurofeedback
Auto Train Brain
We improve symptoms of dyslexia at home reliably