Our Solution

To strengthen the immune system, first thing to do is a specific healthy diet, which aims to replace the fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6)  , enhance probiotics. Please consult your doctor for a diet which is suitable to your needs first. This will enhance the brain power. But healthy diets may not solve all of the problems and natural healing is a gradual process.

Our solution combines Biofeedback  ( presenting one’s own brain signals to himself/herself ) with Multi Sensory Learning experience on Android Mobile Phone.

Auto Train Brain product functionalities:

  • application works with eMotiv EPOC+ 14 channel electrode system
  • communicates with eMotiv through Bluetooth (BLE)
  • logs all brain signals on the mobile phone
  • gives biofeedback which will improve learning skills
  • teaches alphabet to 7-9 year old children whose learning skills are not well
  • provide feedback on progress, wellness, workout
  • monthly installment options for payment
  • no side or adversary effects
  • positive results are proven by extensive Research and development