Our Solution

Auto Train Brain is a mobile app to improve the cognitive abilities of dyslexics.

We have a whole brain development approach.

First, Nutrition and Digestive health programme to reduce toxins and help restore neurotransmitter balance. The goal is to get the brain chemistry into a position where learning and change comes easier. Gaps diet may be helpful at this stage. To strengthen the immune system, first thing to do is a specific healthy diet, which aims to replace the fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6)  , enhance probiotics. Please consult your doctor for a diet which is suitable to your needs first. This will enhance the brain power. But healthy diets may not solve all of the problems and natural healing is a gradual process.

Second, Sensory Integration to train basic sensory skills that may have been missed or incomplete in early brain development. AutoTranBrain helps deeply entrenched brain patterns become more flexible, and help restore function, emotional balance, increase processing speed and improve communication between brain areas. Our solution combines Neurofeedback ( presenting one’s own brain signals to himself/herself ) with Multi Sensory Learning experience on Android Mobile Phone.

Auto Train Brain product functionalities:

  • application works with eMotiv EPOC+ and EPOC-X 14 channel electrode system
  • communicates with EMOTIV through Bluetooth (BLE)
  • logs all brain signals on the mobile phone
  • gives biofeedback which will improve learning skills
  • teaches alphabet to 4-14 year old children whose learning skills are not well
  • provide feedback on progress, wellness, workout
  • monthly installment options for payment
  • no side or adversary effects
  • positive results are proven by extensive Research and development
  • for more information visit our web site
Auto Train Brain improves symptoms of dyslexia with a headset