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We provide solutions for people with dyslexia,

improve symptoms of dyslexia with Auto Train Brain

A mobile application to support education of dyslexic children

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“Our son’s reading speed, reading comprehension is improved. We are so much grateful to find Auto Train Brain.” A. Behçetler, İSTANBUL

“We have tried special education beforehand. Auto Train Brain performed far beyond what we have expected. It really worked for our son! Great value.” Ahmet Sayın, ANKARA

“I have used Auto Train Brain for my 3 children with learning disabilities and myself. I believe it improved our perception and mindfulness. The beauty is that what we have learned stays with us.” Mehmet Alçı, İSTANBUL

Autism and dyslexia

Ground-breaking work with  AutoTrainBrain techniques is yielding results that are re-writing the book on what is possible in brain development. Autism spectrum, dyslexia and developmental disorders are complex, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Rewiring the brain is a step by step process; there are no quick fixes, but steady progress can be … Continue reading Autism and dyslexia

Brain/Gut connection and neurofeedback with Auto Train Brain to improve auto-immune related brain conditions

The brain and the gut are intimately related on both an electrical basis as well as a biochemical basis. The brain speaks to the bowel and the bowel speaks to the brain. For instance, the insula is an area of the brain that has to do with somatic perception. Somatic perception is our feeling in … Continue reading Brain/Gut connection and neurofeedback with Auto Train Brain to improve auto-immune related brain conditions

We have created a clinically proven solution to reduce the symptoms of dyslexia. Auto Train Brain is a platform reachable by all.

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Left hemispheric dominance is improved for dyslexia, and disconnection syndrome is reduced after 60- 100 sessions usage of Auto Train Brain.

Our mobile assistive technology solution for dyslexia

Helps families who have children with dyslexia between ages of 4-14

Who want to find a reliable and comfortable treatment of dyslexia with measurable outcomes for their children

By minimizing the costs, time allocation and hurdles due to existing treatments

And increasing the life quality of their children  and as a family

Unlike conventional special education treatments.